Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey Y'all!

Welcome!!! For my first post I figure you should know a little about me and why I am starting this blog. I am a college junior studying public relations in Oklahoma. One of the classes I am taking this fall semester is Blogging for Journalists. OK, I get 3 credit hours to blog?! Sign me up! I am a self confessed Pinterest addict so I have found many blogs through there that I follow on a regular basis. I felt like I had some pretty good stuff to say after reading through some of these blogs so this class was a push to get me started!
I always joke around with my friends that I am a trophy wife in training since I cook and craft all of the time. I grew up learning how to cook from my grandma so you can expect down home Southern cooking. I also like to branch out from time to time though and try new recipes that I find either on the Internet or in magazines. Have suggestions for me? Let me know! I cook for my friends here in college so that varies from my health conscience sorority sisters to my fraternity guys who will eat pretty much whatever I put in front of them! If you are looking for a classically trained chef you are in the wrong place buddy! I am the queen of semi-homemade and simple recipes from scratch. If it doesn't taste good, I'm not making it! I love Paula Deen, maybe a little too much, so expect a lot of recipes inspired by her! And if you haven't noticed, I can be a little sassy! Tie on your best aprons gals! It's time to start training!!!

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