Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Way to a Southern Man's Heart

Ladies, if I have picked anything up in my 21 years on this Earth it's this. There are three simple ways to catch any boys attention.

1. Be able to cook. You may be able to cook better than his mama but you will never out cook his grandma. Thats just how it is. But there is nothing saying that you can't try!

2. Be able to shoot a gun, and actually hit what you are aiming at! I have never seen my daddy more proud of me than when I shot my first deer. My step dad gets a little bit of pride every time I hit the target when we practice shooting. Ladies, I know hunting my sound boring, gross, or cruel, but it is actually pretty fun!

3. Know how to drive a truck. To me there is nothing more attractive than a guy in a truck. And you know what? Guys think it's awesome when you aren't afraid to jump behind the wheel of his truck and actually know what you are doing! Besides you feel pretty awesome driving it anyway!

So this is my list so far! I can say that I can do all three and break a sweat with number three knowing that their trucks are their babies so I better not mess it up! I just shot my first deer over Thanksgiving break and it was awesome! Here is a picture of me and my proud poppa! Be expecting recipes for deer chili in December!

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