Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Roomie is 21!!!!

One of my roommates Lindsey turned 21 last week, so what do I get her? Liquor of course! But I had to class it up and make it crafty so I turned to my best friend, Pinterest! I saw lots of liquor bouquets made with either flower pots or buckets, but for my glam roomie that just wouldn't do! Lindsey loves everything pink, leopard and shiny so I wanted to do all three! I found this large "margarita" glass in the floral section of WalMart and grabbed a Styrofoam ball when I was there too. To secure both the ball and the tiny liquor bottles I used golf tees. The tees were glued to the side of the glass and to the bottom of the bottles. I put pink tinsel and black tissue paper in the empty space around the ball. I purchased 8 flowers from Hobby Lobby, cut the stems and placed them directly into the foam ball. The cute glittery "21" are actually candles that I also got at WalMart. To finish it off I got some leopard print ribbon and tied a bow on the stem of the glass. Needless to say Lindsey LOVED it! I have a feeling I will be getting requests to do these more often!

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