Thursday, September 6, 2012

Improvements: A class assignment

So going along with my last post about what I have learned so far we are supposed to keep two questions in mind with our blogs. What can we improve? And what can make them more interesting?
Obviously my blog is still a baby blog so I am sure there are tons of improvements I could make. First my picture quality is terrible! I shoot all the pictures of my food and crafts with my cell phone. I know I could have much better pictures with an actual camera. My layout is still a little off to me as well but I think I can fix that in time once I get more comfortable with the blogger site.
How do I make it more interesting? I already think it is interesting! Ha! But if I HAD to make something up I could do a weekly feature. Maybe every Tuesday do my own version of a recipe by a famous chef or a Pinterest craft Sunday. We will see if those ever come about but I could see them happening in the future!

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