Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starbucks Announces Single Brewing Station

Starbucks, the coffee giant, announced that they are introducing their own coffee brewing system called Verismo. Their edge they say? A specialized coffee pod that will allow you to make lattes at home. The machine will use fresh milk and try to reproduce the product that you can get at the store. While this "milk pod" is a new turn to the products on the market I don't think I will be going out and getting one anytime soon. I have a little bit of an attachment to my current Kurig. Starbucks even has their own K-cups if you really just HAVE to have their brand of coffee. I may not have the most refined coffee tastes or maybe their really isn't that big of a difference between other coffees and Starbucks other than the name. I'm not sure. I do know that my Kurig can get me out the door with a cup of coffee in just under 2 minutes. Granted I do not normally drink milk in my coffee unless I am getting it from a coffee chain. Every once and a while I get a small health kick and decide I can drink my coffee without milk just to spare calories. For me, I will stick with my Kurig and Green Mountain coffee. Unless Starbucks wants to prove me wrong by giving me a free machine. In that case, I won't object! Starbucks to 

                                         Starbucks to Introduce Single-Serve Coffee Maker
                                                           (New York Times Article)

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